Booing and Cooing

Thursday, October 28, 2010

When I see ridiculously cute dogs, I turn into a mushy, joyful blob making high-pitched cooing noises. I start talking in Ws. “This wittle woggie! Ohhhhh he wants to go walkies with DI. WuwuwuWU!”. And so forth. There are many variations, many made up words and yo-yo-like inflections. No doubt it is very irritating.

When I first saw this, I think I reached new levels of screechy-ness. I was cooing at an almost inaudible pitch. So I decided to wait a little while before posting. Otherwise this would’ve become a stream of words in caps lock, incoherently strung together. It still may turn into that.

This is Boo.


This is Bo taking puppylic transport.

This is Bo trying to Kill the Squeak.


This. Is. Over. Whelm. Ing


sarah otley said...

Boo is breaking my heart

Di said...

Boo's jumper, Boo's little doggie house, Boo's squeaky toy and Boo's doggie-friend that briefly features in a clip are also breaking my heart.

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