Pass or Sporcle.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I was warned about this site. I was told that by opening the link, I risked wasting days of study, losing hours of sleep and dropping entire letter-grades in courses. These grave warnings were expressed with sad, wise eyes, suggesting first-hand experience. I should have listened. Instead I saw it like any other temptation dangled on a string in front of me: a challenge. Of course I am capable of restraining myself and knowing when to stop, close the browser window and resume study! I can stay on-task and be productive when I actually want to! I just chose not to. Yup.

Sporcle is the ultimate site for the geek looking for distraction. It is brimming with pointless yet addictive quizzes on everything from European geography to Disney song lyrics. If this were a sporcle quiz, you’d have to make as many phrases as possible in four minutes using the acronym SPORCLE. Study Procrastination Online Resource Camoflauged (as) Learning Exercises. Splendidly Pointless Organised Rigorous Competition (to) Languish Education. Should Place On Restricted Content List (for)Ever. Now Cannot Stop Writing Acrostic Phrases.

How bad is my Sporcle addiction? Next week I am attending an event called ‘Sporclepalooza’, where three friends and myself will competitively sporcle for the title of Sporcler Supreme. And like any good(?) addict, I’m clearly set on bringing you all down with me. Go on, just one quiz can’t hurt. 

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Amy said...

Life is no longer in normal perspective. Life is in Sporcle perspective, in which I feel incredibly stupid for only being able to correctly identify 30 out of 40 celebrities from TIME magazine covers from the 80s and 90s. Despite the fact that I was barely conscious during most of that time and certainly not looking at TIME magazine until I was trying to figure out what Bill Clinton had done to get in all that trouble and my parents wouldn't explain it to me.
Tusen tack, Di.

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